Fiery RIP XF for Intec

Fiery® XF for Intec Colour Management and Workflow Based on the latest EFI Fiery® XF RIP architecture, the Fiery XF for Intec Colour Management and Workflow solution ensures users are able to maximise their Intec print investment to produce stunning, precise and predictable prints everytime. The RIP software delivers razor sharp print quality and unparalleled colour control with advanced spot and process colour optimisation as well as other industry leading features at a fraction of the cost of other RIPs. Included in the RIP are powerful layout features for creating impositions and booklets, adding variable data and offers late colour editing options and with over 70 media specific colour profiles provided the RIP ensures a broad spectrum of media flexibility. The flexibility takes you a step further by allowing you to build your own easy to use workflows for automated digital output. Fiery XF for Intec really does allow you to streamline your print production process saving you time and reducing your everyday running costs. Each Fiery XF for Intec package now ships with a fantastic custom made RIP POD as shown in the opposite image. Engineered to the highest standards this rugged steel RIP station has been designed to maximize the efficiency of your print workflow. Featuring adjustable monitor mounts, keyboard and mouse platform and PC housing, the Intec RIP station provides a stable, self contained workstation whilst minimizing untidy cabling.