Pitney Bowes Relay 5000 Folder/Inserter

An outstanding option for mid-volume mailers, the Relay 5000 inserting system uses proven technology from our flagship table-top inserters to reliably process your mail day in and day out. Get peace of mind knowing the Relay 5000 ensures that every page is inserted into the correct envelope using technology previously only offered to the largest mailers. Flexible integrity options, like OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) or 1D barcode scanning makes sure that your important mail reaches the right clients without worry. Adding barcodes to your existing documents is easy with the Relay communications hub. Using your existing print streams, this web-based software allows you to add the security of 1D barcodes or OMR without the hassle of having to redesign your documents. Beyond accuracy, the Relay 5000 lets you move seamlessly and quickly from letters to flats with the same system. Now, you can get fast, accurate, reliable mail assembly in one seamless process.