Document and Content Management Software provides the foundation
for improvement for all the document centric business processes throughout your organization!

See Positive Results In Your Business Areas Such As:

  • Invoice Approvals

  • Purchasing

  • Human Resources

  • Quality Control

  • Work Orders

Document Workflows:   A digital workflow is a structured plan which lets you define rules for handling repetitively processed documents. They guide documents electronically from user to user and process to process, tracking activity, escalating deficiencies, and ensuring that all tasks are completed in a correct and timely manner. Because the documents status is always easy to see you can control and manage the process with ease. Digital document-based workflows are not only faster, they are far more reliable and accurate. You now have a platform to view integrated business data to evaluate operations and cross-company efficiencies.
Functionality that provides for enhanced user productivity such as
  • Advanced Recognition for automated indexing
  • Retrieve by Full text “any” word searches
  • Document Version Control
  • Audit Trail reporting
  • E-mail Integration
  • Automatic importing across multiple capture devices
  • Streamlined workflow processes

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“Fully Functional, Yet Fully Affordable.” SmartSearch offers affordable, award-winning document management that can be adapted to any paper-intensive business. No matter what size your company, or in what field you work, SmartSearch offers value-driven solutions that are easy to use, learn and support

Focused on flexibility, functionality, modularity, and scalability – DocuWare can be customized to fit almost any client need. The Docuware Enterprise Content Management Platform improves operations at every level of the organization.

Capture Plus is a powerful, yet inexpensive Capture tool (Recognition and auto indexing for automated filing) that auto creates a dynamic windows folder scheme for the repository – Plus unlimited retrieval users including database and full text retrieval capabilities.