From Any Source To Any Output!

Overcome the typical limitations of Legacy programs and business line applications that tie your hands when it comes to creating the kind of output and the flexibility in distribution that you need to streamline and maximize your customer communications (both Digital and Print).   With programming free Variable Data Print software you can create, redesign, or enhance any document to improve its’ appearance and functionality with ease.

With built-in multi-channel distribution

you can deliver your communications the way your customers prefer to receive them,
all while driving your costs down.

Functionality  & Features such as
  • Quick and Simple GUI designer
  • Design from Scratch or Import From PDF
  • Easily map in any image or data type
  • Dynamic variable messaging
  • E-Delivery and Archive
  • Multi-Channel Output
  • Electronic Bill Pay

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OctoTools Variable Data Print Software

OctoTools is a document management tool that encompasses Variable Data Printing Software,Forms Design, Report Formatting, Electronic Distribution, Printing, and Text to PDF conversion. Once set up, OctoTools runs automatically to provide high volume throughput without operator involvement.


Create variable content documents from scratch or repurpose and enhance existing business documents. You can create documents for every with built-in conditions and rules to dynamically add barcodes, graphics & logos, page numbers, targeted marketing messages or envelope inserter controls, all based on the information found in the data or the original formatted document.


Transformations software is a complete multi-channel delivery suite for enterprise wide print and mail production offering true database managed document delivery. Its unique “OnceAmation” technology provides for a continuous flow for optimizing the process of data receipt, document composition, address management, production, tracking, and multi-channel delivery into a fully automated workflow.